hi! Give me a few seconds to say, my name is Khansa Raihani, and I wanna show u it..HAHA
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AMBISIUS : Ketika Kau Mengharapkan Sesuatu Washington Park - Page 1 - Wattpad →

Read this story guys ! :D

Haha…Check this latest Taylor’s official music video by VEVO :D Shake It Off !!

PERCY JACKSON : Sea of Monster ! :D

Swagger Jagger …Swagger Jagger … :D

Michael Jackson

You know i’m BAD..i’m BAD .. you know it!

Brave+Roar by Sara Perry :D


Happy - Pharrell Williams . Cover: Alaa Wardi :D

Brave - Sara B :))

1.Taylor and my brother

2.Taylor with a paper says “She Loves me!”

3.Taylor and my grandma’ .-. That’s all ! :p


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